Chocolates and to be sexy

Few people know that chocolate is used as an anti-aging, firming and health tonic for more than 4 thousand years, but Stella from Ilford Escorts of knew this secret. The life expectancy of people who consume chocolate is higher than of people living without it. Scientists claim that one chocolate bar per week prolongs the life and gives you a stable health!

We talked about this issue with Stella from Ilford Escorts. Surprisingly, she told that the scientific name for chocolate is Theobroma cacao, which from Latin means “food of the gods.” In the late XVIII and early XIX century, Europeans used to treat hay fever, diseases of the stomach, lung, and many other diseases with chocolate. Incredibly, chocolate rescues from heart attack and strokes, prevents the formation of clots in the vessels of the heart and brain. Those who have high cholesterol in the blood do not be afraid: chocolate contains only the “good” cholesterol.

As Stella from Ilford Escorts is considered to be a beauty queen, we asked her about her secrets. And they include chocolate consumption! In the pursuit for slender forms, women exclude chocolate from their diet as a high-calorie dessert. This is a mistake! According to the same researchers, dark chocolate helps to reduce the daily intake of calories as much as 15%! It is proved that dark chocolate not only perfectly satisfies hunger, but also reduces appetite. There is even a special diet, which promises you to get rid of 3-6 kg if you consume chocolate! Also, caffeine activates body metabolism. Stella from Ilford Escorts says, that skin problems, for which chocolate is often blamed, usually indicate a malfunction of the hormonal system. Chocolate on contrary slows skin aging and refreshes skin cells.

Mood. When Stella from Ilford Escorts feels sad, she eats a piece of chocolate. It turns out, that after the cocoa butter enters the human body, there immediately begins the production of endorphine, or “happiness hormone”. It is proved that chocolate helps us to get rid of depression and increases resistance to stress. Furthermore, due to the high content of glucose, which serves as a “charger” for brain, chocolate acts as a constant companion for students.

The last, but not least point, which we consulted Stella from Ilford Escorts about, was sexuality. The fact that chocolate enhances sexuality is known for a long time. Some scholars argue that only one bar of chocolate can replace several Viagra pills. This is due to the presence of specific chemicals that are a well-known aphrodisiac.

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