The mistress me

I have always wanted to be a mistress to a rich powerful man. When I worked for Tottenham escorts of, I met this really exciting guy who was rich. He did have a wife, but there was not really a lot of love in their relationship. On top of that, he lived abroad so his wife did not have to know about me at all. I have to admit that I set out to seduce me, and that I did in a big way. In the end, he asked me to become his full-time mistress. A role that has so far suited me down to the ground.


My Mr X is a really generous guy and looks after my every need. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that there is anything that he would not do for me. He has even bought me my own central London apartment, and now I don’t work for Tottenham escorts anymore. Sure, I look in on the girls who still work there and we do have lunch together, but that is it. My every need is taken of and I have credit cards which get paid of every month. I also have a cash account which I can use, so I am not missing out on anything at all.


My lover and keeper turns up in London at least once a month. He takes me out and generally romances me. I would say that our relationship is not that different from a marriage apart from the fact that the sex is great. He loves sex and we do spend a lot of time in the bedroom together. The girls at Tottenham escorts thinks that he uses me as money is nothing to him. It may seem that way, but I honestly think that I use him as much as he uses me. I am sure that he is aware of that, but does not really care.


Am I worried that it is all going to come to an end? I am fully aware that it could all come to an end. If you are planning to be someone’s mistress, it is worth your while to be a little bit savvy. I love my guy when he is here as I keep telling my girlfriends at Tottenham escorts, but I do look after myself at the same time. For instance, I am letting out my own apartment and all of the money is going into savings account. That seems to work really well for me, and I have built up my own little mistress retirement found.


On top of that I am making sure that I am keeping all his presents. He is a really generous guy and cannot help but to buy me stuff like designer handbags and jewellery. All of that can be sold off and I could make money out of it. My friends at Tottenham escorts think that I am being cold hearted but that is not true at all. It could all end, and I would be left with nothing. Recently, I have bought a small one bedroom apartment with some of the extra cash. I am not renting it out, instead I use it as my bolt hole in case I end up on my own. Cold hearted? No , just very realistic!

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