Sexy Ladies and Hot tarts at Bayswater Escorts

Bayswater escorts services of is one of the most popular escorts services in this part of London. In this series, the London Sex Guide are inviting some of the girls from the top agencies in London to tell us about their work and why they love doing it. It seems that many of the girls who date as escorts in London are really dedicated to their work and enjoy doing it. Many of them have been with the same agency for a long time and that is a good indication that the agency is doing well. It also means that the girls are popular.

Peppermint has now been working for Bayswater escorts for two years. She is originally from Surrey and used to work there for Guildford escorts services. Peppermint was attracted to working in London after the agency held a recruitment campaign and loves her job. She says that London is a great place to live and she has met some really nice people here. On the quiet, she is a bit of shopaholic and loves to go shopping in her spare time. Apart from that she also enjoy dining out and having fun with her friends – a bit of a party girl at heart.

Rosemary has been with Bayswater escorts for three years. She is one of the most popular escorts. Prior to moving to London, she used to work in Portsmouth. She says that London is the place to work in if you are an escorts. During her time in London she has meet some really nice gents and she loves her gents, she says. Most of her dates are regulars and it is now difficult to fit in other dates. Her dating diary is full and she says that she needs some down time as well with her friends.

Trixie is rather new to Bayswater escorts. She is a petite girl and this probably accounts for why she has become so popular quickly. There are after all very few petite escorts in London these days. The petites who are here seem to have a queue beating to their door, and Trixia is no exception. She says that she could date 24/7 but of course that isn’t possible. Trisha is surprised how quickly her part of the escorts service became popular, and can’t believe how hard she has to work. Mind you, she says, I love every minute of it.

Bayswater escorts services do not only offer one-on-one dating. They also offer escorts like dominatrix services, duo dating and escorts for couples. At the moment the duo dating service is probably the most popular service but one-on-one dating is not very far behind. During the summer the agency becomes really busy and the girls have to work even harder. Sometimes we have to bring extra girls, says Rosemary, but that is only during the summer. This is now one of the more popular agencies in London and many local gents do like to date the girls on a regular basis.

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